Date: __________________________  


Tenant: ___________________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________


Dear Tenant:

You are hereby notified that you failed to pay the rent for the property identified above in accordance 

with the terms of your rental agreement.

You owe the sum of $______________ that was due on ______________.

You must pay the amount of $__________ within __3__ days of this notice or

your rental agreement will terminate and you will be expected to vacate the premises.

If the amount owed is not paid in full within __3__ days of this notice, a Forcable Entry Detainer (F.E.D.) 

will be brought against you in order to have you removed from the premises.

This notice in no way diminishes your responsibility to pay rent through___________ or until the property

 is re-rented.  A reasonable attempt will be made to re-rent the property as soon as it is vacant. 

Thank you for you cooperation in this matter.





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